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artists for art's sake (the holiday show)

Opening Reception
November 15 6:30-9:30pm

November 15 - December 19, 2014
Millard Sheets Art Center
1101 W. McKinley Ave
Pomona, CA

Gallery hours: Friday-Sunday 
12:00-5:00 pm or By Appointment

The first annual fundraising exhibition to benefit the art education programs at the Millard Sheets Art Center.

Support for this exhibition was generously provided by the Ruth and Joseph C. Reed Foundation for the Arts.

Established in 1936 as the Fine Arts Program of the Los Angeles County Fair, the Millard Sheets 
Art Center was "the first major gallery dedicated to art" in Los Angeles County. In keeping with its founder's, artist Millard Sheets, vision, current programs and exhibitions continue the long tradition of appreciating all art forms and helping support area professional and emerging artists.

MSAC_Gallery_50 (532x800)Typically, artists are asked to donate their work, and all the proceeds from the sale, for inclusion in fundraising exhibitions. Those artists participating in Artists for Art's Sake were offered tiered donation options and only if their artwork is purchased by appreciative buyers from around Southern California.

Hundreds of works, large and small, will be in the exhibition for sale to appreciative audiences and collectors throughout the region who are looking to expand their own collections or purchase gifts for holiday giving and in the process also give something back to support these artists and the art education programs for youth audiences at the art center.  This show will appeal to those who appreciate all artistic styles, such as representational, figurative, abstract, impressionist and contemporary that are expressed in a variety of media, such as drawing, painting, photography, digital, and mixed media.

In addition, there will be a special installation piece, Audience of One, that consists of 500 very small artworks, each individual piece for purchase ($20), or select several and create your own personalized installation piece!

MSAC_Gallery_56 (800x623) MSAC_Gallery_3 (800x420) MSAC_Gallery_51 (531x800) MSAC_Gallery_4 (800x533) MSAC_Gallery_33 (800x531) MSAC_Gallery_5 (800x435) MSAC_Gallery_59 (800x533) MSAC_Gallery_7 (800x518) MSAC_Gallery_65 (800x555) MSAC_Gallery_10 (800x308) MSAC_Gallery_27 (800x532) MSAC_Gallery_15 (800x705) MSAC_Gallery_62 (800x579) MSAC_Gallery_16 (800x489) MSAC_Gallery_57 (800x522) MSAC_Gallery_17 (800x310) MSAC_Gallery_63 (800x568) MSAC_Gallery_19 (800x455) MSAC_Gallery_36 (800x570) MSAC_Gallery_20 (800x621) MSAC_Gallery_46 (800x569) MSAC_Gallery_22 (800x570) MSAC_Gallery_44 (800x533) MSAC_Gallery_21 (800x582) MSAC_Gallery_50 (532x800) MSAC_Gallery_23 (800x526) MSAC_Gallery_55 (800x495) MSAC_Gallery_25 (568x800) MSAC_Gallery_28 (566x800) MSAC_Gallery_32 (800x533) MSAC_Gallery_29 (800x533) MSAC_Gallery_34 (800x533) MSAC_Gallery_37 (800x522) MSAC_Gallery_49 (800x533) MSAC_Gallery_54 (800x745) MSAC_Gallery_58 (800x558) MSAC_Gallery_64 (800x525) MSAC_Gallery_69 (800x533) MSAC_Gallery_24 (800x528) MSAC_Gallery_1 (800x462)

Artists for Art's Sake

Arancibia, Elisa
 Ball, Robert 
Bate, Jeni 
Beatteay, Cindy 
Beltran-Arechiga, Carlos 
Blair, Celeste 
Burgos, Yeni 
Canavan, Thomas 
Carroll, Judy 
Curtis, Chick 
Dalal, Udayan 
Ded, Joe 
Depue, Michael 
Deskins, Terri
Duke, David 
Eaton, Kimberly 
Ehri, Lady 
Emery, Jennifer 
Formia, JoAnn 
Gallegos, Taylor 
Gandara, Gloria 
Garcia-Dahle, Linda 
Geisler, George 
Glenn-Martin, Bren 
Halcrow, Allan 
Hall, Jean 
Hamachi, Wes 
Hardison, Michael 
Harmon, Benjamin 
House, Patrick 
Ikeda, Michiko 
Inez-Adams, Janet 
Izydorek, Paula 
Jackson, Antwon 
Kelley, Paul 
Lane, BJ
Lopez, Karen 
Lozano, Tanya 
Mangiagli, Laurie 
Marger, Sherry 
Montante, Mark 
Nelipovich, Sandra 
Novak, Lucas 
Nowack, Nathan
Ohanian, Vartan 
Overton, Alicia 
Perez, Carmen
Roman, Bret 
Rush, Mark 
Rushing, Lyle 
Sakaguchi, Roberta 
Seny, Shira 
Sherwood, Maris 
Skelly, Tom  
Spalding, Steven 
Stam, Mary Kay 
Steffen, Jeanne 
Tapia-Atha, Macarena 
Tien, Marina 
Torbitt-Stewart, Nancy 
Twydell, Bobbie
Villenueva, Zita 
Wesson, Raina 
Wheeler, Maureen 
Whitley, Lugene 
Williams, Jerius 
Wood, Jane  
Wright, Janet 
Yosha, Howard